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How to Get Ready for Mastering: Mixing and So Forth

Online Mastering or in person mastering--doesn't matter which one, it's not going to make your music great all on it's own. Mastering is not magic. It doesn't take a terrible song and make it a good song, it doesn't take a terrible mix and make it flawless. Audio mastering is tremendously valuable and even necessary. You have to do it because everyone else does it. Your songs won't compete unless you get have good mastering. However, the point is that it doesn't fix everything. So this article lays out what you need to do in order to have your song ready for mastering. Click the title above to read more.

Six Tips for Mastering

Mastering is a complex procress that takes years of practice, immense skill, thousands of dollars in equipment, and a lot of talent. Our engineers here at Sola Mastering have all those things so you don't have to. It takes enough of all those things for you to make your music; nobody should be expected to have all that is required to make their music and master it. That's why we advise against mastering a track on your own. Of course you are welcome to try and compare your work to ours by getting a free sample, but you'll notice the difference right away. This leads to the first of many tips that we are offering in this blog to guide you to the finish line:  professional mastering that completes the creative process and makes your music label ready. Click the title above to read more.

Mastering for Millions

No, not millions of dollars. Millions of people.  A while back we had the opportunity to master music for Johnoy Danao, a singer and songwriter from the Phillippines. It may not sound like much, but give him a little google search. The guy is pretty big, featuring music that is regularly listened to and loved by millions of people. He needed a project done for his record label and we were able to get him 7 songs done in 24 hours. And he loved it. Click the title above to read more.