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Mastering for iTunes

Making music has always been tough. There is a tremendous amount of skill and creativity required (at least for making music that people enjoy listening to). Making it in music is a different thing altogether: that usually requires even more skill and creativity, plus some luck and it always helps if you're good looking. But, to add to all of that, the music now has to be mastered not just well, but in a very particular kind of way. It has to be Mastered for iTunes. So if you've ever wondered what that's all about, check out this blog. There's a lot of technical detail. It's long and pretty over the top. But it will give you a good idea of what Mastering for iTunes is all about. It will also make you happy that all the other streaming services don't require so much. If you want mastering for Spotify, that's easy--do whatever you want. If you wan mastering for Soundcloud, you don't even have to master it at all. There is really no mastering for streaming services, it's just mastering for iTunes. So here you go, all the info you ever wanted plus a lot more. Click the title above to be overwhelmed. (P.S. Yes, we offer mastering for iTunes. No extra charge!)

How to Get Ready for Mastering: Mixing and So Forth

Online Mastering or in person mastering--doesn't matter which one, it's not going to make your music great all on it's own. Mastering is not magic. It doesn't take a terrible song and make it a good song, it doesn't take a terrible mix and make it flawless. Audio mastering is tremendously valuable and even necessary. You have to do it because everyone else does it. Your songs won't compete unless you get have good mastering. However, the point is that it doesn't fix everything. So this article lays out what you need to do in order to have your song ready for mastering. Click the title above to read more.

Warning: There are Two Kinds of Online Mastering

There are two kinds of online mastering: legit and not legit. Check out this list of five ways to tell the difference.

Hip Hop Mastering More Important Than Ever

Hip Hop is now the most popular genre of music in the United States. Here at Sola Mastering, we get the opportunity to offer our music mastering services to quite a few hip hop artists. As far as audio mastering goes, it's a really fun genre to work with. A lot of online mastering studios offer mastering for multiple genres of music and we are happy to be one of them. We're confident that our mastering engineer (s) can handle any genre that comes thier way. Whatever kind of music you're working on, send us our way. You can always get a free sample first :) Click the title above to read more about the big news: Hip Hop dethrones rock as most consumed genre in the U.S.

EDM Mastering (and recording it; and other things)

The world of online mastering is pretty vast and seems to be all encompassing. But it's not. In fact, there is a whole world--perhaps a whole universe--of mastering that is not on the internet. Hard to believe, right? Things not on the internet? But it's true. Thousands of fantastic mastering engineers in mastering studios all over the world, mastering away. Sola is a proud member of the online mastering community, but why not dip into the world of non-internet music mastering and maybe find some pearls of wisdom? Just take a look and see what's up? Let's do that. Click the title above to read more.